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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 5, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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but when they start seeping into the way one of our two political parties approaches basics of governing, they're less fun. maybe we should give the lizard people a shot at running things around here. maybe they would do a better t. maybe they would do a better job. "first look" is up next. >> good morning on this friday. on "first look," the federal government isn't budging on gun control. they are limiting outlaw. american banks under siege. the 15 largest banks hit by waves of cyber attacks. plus, we say farewell to roger ebert. a havana anniversary for jay-z and beyonce. good morning, i'm betty ngyun.
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>> the month of march saw a slowdown in hiring. tracie potts is live with this. good morning. >> reporter: here are the best predictions from economists. 7.7% unemployment will remain steady. do we hit the magic number of 200,000? were that many jobs created or are we looking at a slowdown here? what will happen on capitol hill? the president took a 5% pay cut. might the people on the hill do the same? a lot of lawmakers have yet to decide. what we get in these job numbers today will go along with what looks to be a mixed bag of recovery at this point. take housing and home building. that area is still struggling, not yet at prerecession levels. there are other areas like the stock market that have seen a
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big boom this year. it's a mixed bag and we'll get another part of the story today with the jobs numbers coming out. >> we are watching for that, tracie potts, thank you. u.s. intelligence agencies compiled a psychological profile of kim jong-un. he feels compelled to prove how tough he is. kim young unis believed to be 29 years old. much of his life is unyon. his image started as a young leader, parading his pregnant wife to the media. now, a ranting and raving dictator. a former expert on north korea says kim knows nothing about hardship and struggle and little about leadership. north korea's biggest ally, china, is warning tensions must be fused.
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hackers are not cooperating. they broke into two online sites posting pictures of kim with a pig-like snout threatening world peace, wasting money while his people starve to death. >> 15 of the biggest u.s. banks have been knocked offline in the last six weeks. now, wells fargo is the latest bank targeted in a string of cyber attacks. so far, no customers reported losing money. however, the impact has been significant. >> this is a major assault. it's ongoing, been going on for seven months. nobody has seen anything like that before. >> iran could be responsible. the attacks hit with tighter international banking sanctions for the nuclear program. just released court records reveal new details abtd the
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colorado movie theater shooting. one month before the july 20th rampage, a psychiatrist told university of colorado police he had homicidal thoughts. evidence gathered from his apartment including depression along with 50 beers. earlier this week, prosecutors rejected the offer to plead guilty saying they will seek the death penalty. gun control legislation is taking shape across the country. maryland will enact stricter gun laws. sweeping legislation that includes submitting fingerprints to state police. connecticut has the toughest gun laws complete with background checks and a ban on assault weapons. the nra calls it a mistake. maryland has taken action since newtown. less than half the states voted
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to strengthen gun laws. this, according to the law to prevent gun violence. lawmakers are debating banning gun ownership from people who pose a threat of harm. the bill would allow psychologists, nurses, counselors having a say in those they think are dangerous for possessing a firearm. the remaining member of the two thumbs up team died. roger ebert lost his battle with cancer yesterday. the 70-year-old is known for co-hosting siskel and ebert until siskel died. he continued to write while battling cancer. he posted his last words saying thank you for going on this
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journey with me, i'll see you at the movies. a cartoonist bid farewell of this picture of siskel saving ebert a seat. this morning's dish of scrambled politics. president obama is catching heat for a comment directed attica ma la harris. the president called harris quote, the best looking attorney general. some commentators called those comments sexist and unsettling. a majority of americans support legalizing marijuana. 52% want pot approved for recreational use. this is the first time the majority favor it since the 1970s. alabama is going to grant pardon for the scottsboro boys.
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they were known for raining two white women. three of president obama's force are foregoing 5% of their salary. janet napolitano -- >> mark zuckerberg is off to a bad start. it was supposed to launch next week. it's run into trouble with planning ideas. actor ryan gosling is teaming up with animal rights group, pita speaking out about the dehorning of cows calling it cruel. they say the procedure is done out of safety. the race for mayor in one illinois town is a family affair. windy casey wants to be mayor to turn things around. she is running against her son, randall. she isn't sure randall is mature
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enough for the job. ouch, don't mess with momma. winter, it just won't let go just yet. this is what it looked like in virginia's roanoke valley where a surprise storm dropped seven inches of snow in the area. all right, i tell you what, we are over it. can you fix it? >> i think snow lovers, do you mind? i want it over and out of here. everybody is waiting for spring-like temperatures to arrive. it will get nicer. we have a lot of rain out there this morning. we are seeing some of the heaviest rain falling in d.c. new jersey and florida, there's another round of severe thunderstorms possible throughout the day. heavier rain in savannah and miami. we have heavier lines dropping
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down. temperatures look nice. 60 in new york city. ouf 60 in washington, d.c. 46 in chicago. 60s tomorrow. we will get spring-like temperatures, it's not going to rush in here just yet. >> we have to be patient. thank you. meat lovers, listen up. we have a story for you. one of the smartest guys in the room might be getting out of jail early, very early. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. what if you could shrink your pores just by washing your face?
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some stories making news this morning. in mumbai, people are dead following a building collapse. the structure was being built illegally and some offices were occupied. a police officer waiting in a line had to jump in to subdue
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the attacker. beyonce and jay-z caused a big stir in cuba. they were mobbed by crowds touring hold havana. they managed time for dinner that inclued fish, chicken and rice. sounds good, even at this house. we go to brian shackman, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. investors are awaiting the big report of the day and the month. the march jobs numbers. we'll find out if it was another month of steady hiring. president obama's budget comes out wednesday. it would cut the deficit $1.8 trillion. there are cuts to social security and medicare. it's a big day for jc penney. they are launching the first of their home goods boutiques including martha stewart
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products. it's pivotal to turn around efforts. what do you get when you pump $1.5 trillion into the world's economy? the nikkei went above 13,000. the index is up. back home, mark zuckerberg unveiled the latest offering, facebook home, a collection of apps to replace your android home screen. the chairman of the board at hughlet packard are stepping down. the ceo of enron may get out of jail early. he has six of a 24 year sentence for con spearty, fraud and insider training. artificial technology is available to colleges nationwide that let's a computer do the
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grading for essays and short answers. how about this junk food from pizza hut. it looks good there. if that is not your thing, folks in massachusetts can wrap their hands around dunkin' doughnuts glazed doughnut. yeah. the pork shop may soon be a thing of the past. say what? consumer research found labels on packages to be confusing. the pork and beef industries are remaining 450 cuts to give more consumer appeal. ground beef will still be ground beef. just ahead, a report says president obama will go after budget cuts for social security and medicare. did the president make sexist remarks when he complimented the attorney general's looks? the? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight.
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campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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next week, president obama will propose politically dicey cuts to medicare and social security. joining me now, a columnist. thanks for being with us today. >> caller: good morning. >> "the new york times" reports president obama will make cuts to medicare and social security. how much trouble is it going to stir up among democrats? >> caller: what's coming out is he's going to cut $85 billion.
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you know, how the package looks. if he is serious about cutting the deficit, he will have some trouble from the far left. he'll see traction from the rest of the political traction from the center and middle left. >> president obama is getting criticism for sounding sexist when he commented on the looks of attorney general. he said she's brilliant, dedicated, tough and happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general. the crowd reacted and obama replied, quote, it's true, come on. is he in trouble with this? >> caller: not from my perspective. he's a lame duck president. any trouble he's in is fleeting. he never has to face election again. i don't think he's in trouble. he gave her credit for her hard
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work and brilliance. i don't think it's out of the realm to mention a woman's looks. i don't have a problem with that. >> thank you boris. we appreciate your joining us. video from texas shows a burglar breaking into a house. the intruder hovered next to the sleeping man with a knife before stealing thousands of dollars in valuables. a man was discovered hauling 8,000 pounds of marijuana. a san diego sea lion was rescued by seaworld after being found roaming the city streets. how cute. she's being treated for severe mall nourishment. hope she gets well. a police dog reunited with the people who saved his life. he was treated by a helicopter
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medical crew after being shot in the neck during an altercation. yesterday, he was all smiles and happily posed with his crew. from pint sized presidents to blunders, let's look at the week that was. easter fun until one bunny got a lesson in helmet laws. the white house pulled off a prank. the joke was on president obama whose basketball blunders left us asking, i thought he had game? >> president obama shot baskets and only made two shots out of 22. even dick cheney was like that guy needs to learn to shoot. jufrt of louisville basketball player, kevin ware, was back on his neat. >> the network showed it once and that was it. you know what i'm talking about? it's like geez -- let me show it
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to you now. >> meanwhile, masters champion bubba watson brought out his hovercraft. the rutger's university basketball coach was fired shortly after this aired on espn. thieves in england made off with cash after blowing up an atm. flames engolfed a 40 story building. also, a tribute to '80s arcade games using post it notes. jimmy fallon and jay leno. ♪ who's going host tonight >> i's gonna be jimmy.
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>> dylan dreier join us us with a look at the weather. >> it's going to start feeling like spring. it's only 31 in minneapolis. we will most likely see snow across northern minnesota and wisconsin. in the northeast, we should top out at 60 in new york city and washington, d.c. we'll watch for severe storms across georgia and florida. for the weekend, 50s in the northeast. >> i like the sounds of that. which new movies are out this weekend and what is the real reason jay leno is leaving "the tonight show." this video may not help you. details next. ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. heart-healthy, whole grain oats. [ boy ] i used to hate eating healthy stuff.
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the real reason i'm leaving, i'm a little embarrassed by this. i don't mind saying it. you have probably seen it on youtube. me in the middle of a writer's meeting trying to motivate my people. i'm a little embarrassed, take a look. >> i think he needs anger management there. a box office remake and re-release.
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return to jurassic park promises the same thrills, just louder and closer. a horror flick, "evil dead" should make around $25 million. the late night battle between jimmy fallon and kimmel hasn't started yet. prince william was in scotland meeting children but when he offered a little girl a kiss, she dodged it. dodged it. she retreated to her mother's shoulder. yahoo!'s tv theme song is narrowed down to the final four. they are "cheers" "gilligan's island" and jeffersons.
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>> i'm such a huge "gilligan's island" fan. >> mash is a beautiful song, but it depresses me. isn't the title "suicide is painless"? come on. i'm betty. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned, way too early starts now. kim jong-un, what he had to do monday is threaten to destroy america. first thing, he gets to the office, today is the day. you think gosh, i hope he doesn't do that. but then the more you think about it, they are not gonna -- north korea is like a carnival cruise, for the love of god. they are not going to destroy anybody. they have no electricity, no plumbing, not enough food or fresh water, they don't know where they are going. >> you think a


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